19 Smart Ways to Use PLR Products

1. Give it away as a bonus. Boost your affiliate sales by offering this PLR product as a bonus. Bonuses have a proven track record of converting prospects into paying customers, skyrocketing your sales in the process!

2. Increase the value of your existing product. Enhance your product's value by providing this PLR product as an additional bonus. Over-delivering delights customers and encourages more sales.

3. Post on social media. Re-engage your followers by sharing PLR content on your social media. It establishes you as an authority and fosters engagement with your audience.

4. Blog Content. Split the PLR content and post it on your blog. Fresh, relevant content attracts more readers, leading to increased sales opportunities.

5. Offline Use. Repurpose the content for offline purposes, such as keynote presentations or physical products. You can sell these products at a higher price, ranging from $100 to $500, offering a lucrative revenue stream.

6. Coaching Programs: Utilize PLR contents in your coaching programs. Incorporate the material into your curriculum, enriching the learning experience for your students.

7. eCourses. Create a 7-day eCourse for your newsletter subscribers. Build trust and pre-sell your list by offering valuable tips via your autoresponder series.

8. Create Smaller Reports. Divide the eBook into 2-3 separate short reports. Smaller, focused content pieces caters to specific audience segments, and customer journeys.

9. Funnel Upsell. Add the PLR product as an upsell or one-time offer in your sales funnel. If you don't have an upsell yet, offering the PLR product can easily double your profits.

10. Weekly Content Series. Split the content into 52 parts as a year's worth of valuable weekly content; keeps your audience engaged and invested in your offerings.

11. Translate into other languages. Translate the PLR content into different languages, reach a wider, less saturated market and expand your global audience.

12. JV Partner Collaboration. Integrate the product on your JV partner's sales page as a special bonus or on their download page; enhance your visibility

13. Membership Site Content. Add the product to your paid membership site. Exclusive content like this helps retain active, paying members, ensuring a steady income stream.

14. Audio / Video Content. Repurpose the PLR content into audio or video formats. Different media formats cater to diverse audience preferences, maximizing reach and impact.

15. Enhance Existing Products. Add valuable content from this PLR product to your existing offerings. Providing more depth and value to your customers.

16. Customization Options. Re-write, re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate, or sell the PLR product as is. Flexibility is key; adapt the product to suit your audience or sell it as a turnkey solution.

17. Personalized Use. Even if you don't plan to resell the product, the guides provide valuable insights and knowledge, enriching your own understanding and expertise. Knowledge is power, after all!

18. Create Lead Magnets. Use the PLR content to create valuable lead magnets such as eBooks, reports, or white papers. Offer these resources for free in exchange for visitors' email addresses. Building your email list is a powerful marketing strategy, allowing you to nurture relationships and promote your products or services directly to interested leads.

19. Webinar Content. Repurpose the PLR content into engaging webinar presentations. Webinars are excellent marketing tools for educating your audience, showcasing your expertise, and promoting your products or services.



BY NOT creatively applying these strategies, you WILL NOT

Leverage PLR Products effectively to

boost your sales, expand your reach, and grow your

customers base along the way.

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But If You creatively apply these strategies, you can Leverage PLR Products effectively to
boost your sales, expand your reach, and grow your customers base along the way.

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I'm all for your journey towards financial independence because I truly believe in being financially independence is the true freedom in our society. I've learned a lot of the ins and outs about internet marketing over the past 18 years.

All of the investing of countless hours (up all night and dragging thru the day job) and over $10,000 hard earned dollars to "Learn" the various million dollar over night methods, and systems to only find the next new scheme in my inbox before even giving the others time to work.

Now, I want to pass on the strategies that have actually worked for me. Although there's plenty of free marketing information available online, my advice is based on real-world success. I can guarantee that the proven techniques I share with my friends will help also help you reach your goals.

I hope this helps you out and answers some question and if it didn't please go to support@makinginboxmoney.com and ask any question you have... remember the dumbest questions is the one not asked.


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