About Kent Brown (IMKBrown)

I am from a small town that grew into a middle size city. Why did I start this bio sharing that first and not when I first started walking or riding a bike (which Evil Knievel was my idol!) or some other random story of my past.

I want to give you the insight of where my principles in business are rooted in. I have built 5 successful businesses on what I have learned from the heartaches and trumps in building nothing into something.

Its because I have learned  how to keep good moral values even when the environment has changed in an opposite direction all around you. Money makes people do things they wouldn't normally do. Basically I believe in giving more then I receive knowing that it will have a doubling effect on my success in life and no just with money. If you keep your concentration on your work and not worry about the monetary gain... the money will come. Hard work and consistency is the key to any success in what ever you are trying to accomplish.

Lets Get This Out Of The Way Now....

I say this right from the start because more then half who land on this site what to make money and make it fast. How do I know this? That's easy just look at every website promising you those dreams. Money over night and as much as you want with a push of the button. Part of that is true but a lot of hard work and being consistent in the beginning is where we lose about 85-95% of people who rush into trying every which way to make money. There are some many ways to make inbox money that you can find yourself learning one thing and then another, which is a one way ticket to going no where.

I support your quest to become financially independent. Freedom is what comes after becoming your own source of money.  One thing I have learned is what we give is what we get in return that is why I believe in sharing my expertise freely. After 18 years of hands-on experience using internet marketing - which came from countless hours spent testing campaigns, methods, and systems from so called gurus at a personal cost of over $10,000 and counting. I want to pass on strategies and methods that I know work. While there is a wealth of marketing information online, my advice is grounded in real-world success.

I guarantee that the proven techniques I share with my marketing friends can help you achieve your goals.

FaceBook--A Fan Page of mine                            Solo Ads--- Better known as Solo clicks

I used solo clicks on this run using my special funnel technique!

(Notice the open rates)

An affiliate program from a membership company

An affiliate program from a membership company

An affiliate program from a membership company

I Guarantee...

    I can make this

         happen for you!

My Double Your MONEY back Guarantee!

Only one person did better...                                 The Owner of the company!

I used solo clicks on this run using my special funnel technique!

(Notice the open rates)

Solo Ad Run ...

An affiliate program from a membership company

The Whole True and Nothing But The Truth!

So I have shown you proof of what I can Achieve...

Sales copy for those who dont write it and have studied it... cant not will themself from believing what they are reading. First the words beats logic, second they believe that it will happen over night and free. I am totally anti over-hype. If you look up KBrown on the warrior forum around 2009-2010 I was a professional thread warmer. I "reviewed" products and then go on the thread and hype it up for sales. Internet marketing is really simple its about three major steps and then a bunch of micro steps to prefect what is working.

If we cross paths on this journey we will learn more about each other which could lead to something worth while. Remember it takes more then a village to raise a child. Meaning to be successful in any business you need to surround yourself with those who have paved the path to where you want to be. They will help you as  you will help them.


Take care and much success in your life!

Kent Brown




I cant wait to see Your Success!

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