Tried and Trusted Resources

Below I have gathered up a list of resources that I use to help me in my online endeavors. I will update the list as I find new tools. Sometimes these products come and go. So if you click on a link and nothing is there that is what has happened. If you have time drop me an email and let me know that link is bad I will try to find a replacement. Also if you would like to add to the list let me know and I will put a link to your website next to the cool tool! Thanks and have fun!

Domain and Website Resources

Cheap-DomainRegistration.Com -- You may find .99 cent domains but you will pay 10 folds the next year when its time to re-up. No surprises on this site. This site has always worked well and support is great.


Blue Host- one the best in website hosting using wordpress platform. Awesome service, I have used them for 15 years.


Webador- which is what this site is on. Awesome features. They give you some essentials that other platforms dont. Like Business email. Newbee friendly. One of the better website builder sites. Wix is another, but they nickel and dime you for the extras, that's why I like this site! I have used alot of the top website builder sites so if you have any questions just ask!


Keywords Everywhere - I love this service one the most, I use it all the time. Fairly cheap to use and its right there next to your search results.


Maintenance and Analytics


Google Analytics -They know it all!


Yoast SEO -- This is a plug-in for wordpress users only


Semrush -Access over 25 billion keywords for 130 countries


Code Beautify - -  HTML Stripper. Clean your copy up

Product Resources

 MakingInboxMoney.Com for all my PLR Needs.Of course I use my own site!


Copyscape- use this to make sure the info your putting on your site is unique. Like using PLR that is sold in restricted quantities.


Warrior Forum -- Internet Marketers Forum. I have been a member since 2010. My handle KBrown.


Warrior Plus -- Sales & marketing automation platform for Online Marketers


JVZoo -- They Make Selling Online Quick, Easy & Secure Similar to Warrior Plus. They cater to the seasoned marketer.


ClickBank E-commerce Platform & Affiliate Marketplace


Fiverr -- used to be a lot of 5 dollar jobs, there still a lot at 5 dollars, but times have changed. I have had great luck using them.

Upwork - another great place to get help with your projects.


ahref -- They have payed services, but this AI asst re writer is easy to use and pretty good at spinning (what it used to be called) the words. When You buy some PLR check it out.


Copyscape if it has been used already just put it through the AI generator and BOOM you have a new article. AI is your friend.


 An important subject I would like to share with you. Am sure You have heard people say bad things about using your credit card, bank card online for fear of some hacker breaks into you site or computer. I know technology has made it so easy to buy anything, but am asking you to think about getting an debit card to use when you start this journey of seeking a financial stability.



(A Must Have)

1.   This card is not linked to your main bank account and is solely for managing your operational expenses. I always ensure there is enough funds in it to cover all my bills and have some left for purchasing business-related items like systems, methods, and services.


2.   Having a separate payment method offers an added layer of financial security, safeguarding your finances from potential risks. It is beneficial to have a designated card for specific expenses, ensuring better control and organization of your budget.

3.   I have been a Netspend user since 2016 and have found it to be a convenient option. By Me referring new members, both parties can benefit from a $40 reward. This prepaid debit card has minimal maintenance fees, making it a cost-effective choice for managing your finances.



I would never offer a system, method, software, plug-ins and other products to only make money. What I offer has been looked over by me and few of my close marketing buddies and believe me there is alot of trash product out there.

I will always update as I find new and better resources to help making it easier setting up and maintaining our sites. If you come across a cool tool please drop me an email and I will put your name next to your suggestion! Thanks for helping and supporting this site!

I'm all for your journey towards financial independence because I truly believe in being financially independence is the true freedom of our society. I've learned a lot of the ins and outs about internet marketing over the past 18 years.

All of the investing of countless hours (up all night and dragging thru the day job) and over $10,000 hard earned dollars to "Learn" the various million dollar over night methods, and systems to only find the next new scheme in my inbox before even giving the others time to work.

Now, I want to pass on the strategies that have actually worked for me. Although there's plenty of free marketing information available online, my advice is based on real-world success. I can guarantee that the proven techniques I share with my friends will help also help you reach your goals.