Build a Business Bundle


Normally what you will find on most sales pages is a bunch of hype, Right out of the gate.

Containing every conceived promise that has ever been made that every marketer or any

person wants to hear and That is if you buy this product it will solve every and all problems

that have been keeping you from making millions a minute while sleeping.

Am not going to be condescending to you. I know your smarter then that to be deceived by

empty words that promise easy money. You have seen and heard and bought that line before.

But what I will promise is you will have a working internet business that fits your style, your

passion or area of expertise. A business that will make you money.

deceive or lead you to believe that by

using such words to make you buy my product

********* WARNING **********   

PRICE WILL GO UP BY  ------------>  April no fooling here!   

******** WARNING **********

I want to be honest and transparent. This should cost 10,000.00 or more. When we are done

you will have an online business. The biggest reason its priced this low is I want to build long

lasting business connections that lead into life long partnerships and friendships. Point blank.

  With in 6 months I will have formed a circle of owners that doesn't compete against each

other .. but help each other to not only have a business that will support family's or support a

life style that cant not be obtained working for others.

Here is where the rubber meets the road.

From the ground up we will build your online

internet business the right way for now and

the future. We will work together, so there

wont be any flunky guy that I assign to you

like some of the other gurus, coaches, or

mentors do to their clients.

I know how hard it was for me when I first started out. Working at job that doesn't provide

enough money to survive let alone live, but also those kinds of jobs leave  you empty and the

feeling of going no going no where, fast. Then you add the usual life's

problems, which usually concerns money. Money for rent, car, and food and other bills, which

always seems to leave too little of yourself to put time and money in to something that is a

gamble... well it is stressful to say the lest.  So you make the choice to get into internet

marketing. Now all the offers being thrown at you day after day in to your inbox, all of them

with the promises that we all want to can be crazy

and confusing. There are so many ways to make money online it can make you dizzy. 

 It wont be easy at times, but by using what I

have learned, I learned the most from the bad

stuff that wasted my money and time. Which

is what I want you to avoid and more

importantly time, for which no amount of

money can get back.

I look forward in the end that you will have an online business and we will have formed a

friendship and business collective that can eventually help each other gain more success.

You can buy a online website builder, which would be just the basic site. Like a home with no

style or furniture. What will we be building is a site that looks like its been around a while with

useful information on the niche that its in. Including the whole back end. That's where the

money is. In the auto responder, the sign up pages to collect more email addressees. Links to

products and links to making side money. This will be the whole business put together. As we

build you will learn a lot of things that you would have had to look up or pay someone to do

them. Or just be stuck which is what happens to a lot of people. Its why most give up and make

it pass building a half ass website plus will help in the future of making inbox money every day!

Like Building More Websites!

Here is the massive list that shows what

you get in this killer package!

Niche Decisions

Niche Research

Niche Product-- E-Book, Video Series

Domain Name (1 year needs renewed)

Email Inbox With Business Name

Gather Info For Site (deeper research)

Tie The Product With Educated Info website titled using Google rich search terms.

Set Up Site (3 year renew)

All Necessary Pages (basic, legal, sales page, download page, membership pages, and more)

Blog Set Up (10 post )

Facebook Group Page Set up

10 Email series to drive traffic back to site or product or both!

10 Related Blog Articles - SEO optimized so Google loves you.

You will get one on one SEO info. There are few methods that help a lot but most site are not doing it = easy to rank. Rank does take time and time to analyze facts about your site. Getting this alone is worth the money!

An Auto Responder Series (10 articles)

Get 2000 Buyers List

Then One Month Of Tweaking Site

You will own the site. It will be set up on a WordPress Frame Work. It will be paid for 3 years

and the domain for one. I will give all the necessary plug-ins to make the site rock and roll. To

list all of the ins and outs that will be done here would be four pages worth of info. But dont

worry we will have a consultation that will go deep into every aspect of what you will be

getting. I only work with a few people at a time so if your ready to go, LETS ROCK AND ROLL!